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Hida Izel Caliskan


Hida Izel Caliskan is a trainee clinical psychologist at University College London and works for the NHS. She has a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology from the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families. She previously worked as a child and adolescent psychologist in Turkey and is trained in Mentalization-Based Family Therapy as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approaches.


Jasmine May Cachia Mintoff


Jasmine Cachia Mintoff is a trainee paediatric dentist at University College London. She is driven by the satisfaction of helping children improve their quality of life and feel more confident about their smiles. Painting is her mindfulness.


Anjali Bhat


Anjali Bhat is a neuroscientist, playwright, spoken word comedian and stage director for both the Goodenough Theatre Company and Bloomsbury Opera. She is currently based in Bloomsbury and works at the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging. Both as a writer and as a scientist, she is drawn to the inevitable uncertainties of human interactions.

Bombini the bee is a curious bee who lives in Honeycomb Hive. With the help of her grandmother, Queen Ida, she learns how to face the difficult experiences COVID-19 has brought her way.

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