“The world outside I can’t much change,
It still is ill and still is strange.
But I see now, what’s up to me
Is how I do and how I see.” - Bombini the Bee
About the Book


There’s Something in the Air is a psychologically informed story book that explores an element of the COVID-19 crisis that is particularly difficult to address: fear. It presents ways of coping with the widespread agitation and having to stay at home indefinitely, by encouraging mindfulness, gratefulness, and understanding of behaviour that comes from a place of uncertainty. It also acknowledges the possibility of grief, offering an outlook of self-compassion and acceptance of the range of difficult emotions that can come with loss.

Bombini the bee is a curious bee who lives in Honeycomb Hive. With the help of her grandmother, Queen Ida, she learns how to face the difficult experiences COVID-19 has brought her way.

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